Saturday, June 13, 2009

Corsets & Lace

I love corsets, what more can I say? <3

Gothic Wedding

Ahhh, it's wedding season yet again! Why not break out of the norm and have a gothic wedding, or at least wear a beautiful gothic gown? (Tip: This idea is great is you're planning on having a Halloween wedding!)

Wednesday, June 10, 2009


Gothic-inspired fashion is making a comeback! Sexy gothic frocks and outfits are all over the runways! Want to rock the look? Just take a look at the pictures above for some ideas!

Rock N' Roll

Dress up a rock or metal tank or t-shirt! Take a look at the example on the left. Just replace the white shirt with a funky tee or tank like the examples above!


Heavy metal and punk-inspired fashion is finding its way onto the runway. Just take a look at the above photos for some killer outfit ideas! (Loving the look on the left in the first picture)
First Picure - Unknown (Sorry!)
Second picture - Rodarte
Third Picture - London Fashion Week

Dress & Boots

I love the look of a simple mini dress paired with a pair of high, buckled boots.

Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Check This Out!

This heavy metal fashion blog is definiely a must-see! I absolutely love it! It certainly puts my humble little blog to shame!


We all know that a a timeless wardrobe staple is a pair of black boots. However, adding studs, rivets, buckles, and/or chains puts a heavy metal twist on this classic item.

Something's Fishy...

There's just something about black leather and fishnets....

Studded Belt

A wardrobe must-have is a studded belt. They provide a classic look when paired with jeans and/or leather, but also look great with a vintage tee or a dress!


You can't forget to accessorize! One of my favourite heavy-metal inspired accessories is a spiked or studded cuff. They also look great when embellished with white rhinestones. Studded or spiked rings make a bold statement as well!

Bombs Away!

I love a classic bomber jacket. Wear one with a vintage tee and distressed jeans, or tights. Also looks great with a lacey dress!